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The Untold Secret To Using A Website For Marketing In Less Than 10 Minutes

Everyone these days is talking about digital marketing and how every business must have a website in order to survive the competition and get more clients online. But what is the big secret, the magic formula that will bring you business if you have a website, the answer is none. However, in this article, we are going to look into some ways in which you can effectively use a website to market your business.

How to acquire new customers

Before we look into how a website fit into your marketing strategy, let us look at some fundamental way you can get new customers.

Word of mouth

This is when your previous customer talks about your product to their friends and circles and recommend your product. This is effective because this is coming from someone they trust, and they are more likely to buy your product.

Google search

When we face a problem nowadays, the most natural thing to do is to search our problem on Google search or any other search engine. If there is a product or service that can solve that problem, it will pop up in the search results.


And finally we have advertising, which is the proven way to get way to get your product or service in front of your customers. We see hundreds and hundreds of ads every day, on TV, on social media and almost everywhere.

So how does a website fit into all this? Well, think about this, let's say you have a website that sells phone pouches. When a customer buy from you, they are going to brag to their friends and give them a link to your website, that's if they were satisfied with the service. That's word of mouth, or your potential customer will search for a solution on Google and land on your website, and these people are the best customers because they express their direct intent when they search.

Now that we understand how a website fit into traditional customer acquisition channels, let's look at the actual process.


First, you need traffic, you need visitors to your website in order to turn them into paying customers. Traffic can be acquired in many ways, but the most effective method is through Search, remember, visitors from search have a clear intent. To do that we need a process called Search Engine Optimization, SEO. The process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine. Simply put, this is done by putting content on your website that target specific keywords your potential customers are likely to use to search for their problem. Technical SEO and On-page SEO is usually handled automatically during the development of your website.


Now that we know how to get traffic, what do we do with it, because traffic only is just, well, traffic and won't bring you any sales unless you intend to make money from selling ad space then more traffic means more money. To turn your traffic into sales, you need to engage your audience with valuable content that will actually solve their problem. This will make your visitors stay longer and come back when facing a similar problem. The content can either be visual or in form of a blog post, but it has to provide value to your visitor for it to be effective. Doing this will build trust and rapport between your brand and your potential clients, which we call the audience. Should your customer want to buy something, they are likely to buy from someone they trust and are familiar with, especially online.


After you have traffic, or more specifically an audience, you need to make an offer to them. If you don't do that, they will just bounce without buying anything. In most cases you will make your offer in the form of a call to action, either as a subtle link in the post or a bold button somewhere on the website. The offer must be something that will help solve their problem, something related to the piece of content that they are consuming. Think of your customer as someone on a journey to fulfillment, and you and your product is the mentor that will help them get there. You will provide guidance and offer the right tools at the right time, which in this case is the product that you are selling.

You can now begin to see how all this fit into your overall marketing strategy, you can be promoting your website on your social media and use the content to engage and convert your visitors into paying customers



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