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The Untold Secret To Using A Website For Marketing In Less Than 10 Minutes

07 Nov 2021

The Untold Secret To Using A Website For Marketing In Less Than 10 Minutes

When we face a problem nowadays, the most natural thing to do is to search our problem on Google search or any other search engine...

How to authenticate APIs with Laravel Sanctum

11 Sep 2021

How To Authenticate Apis With Laravel Sanctum

* Issues an auth token to the user The way this API works is that your users create accounts from the main website then login with...

How to create a PSR-11 service container in php

11 Sep 2021

How To Create A Psr-11 Service Container In Php

In this article, I'm going to show you how to implement a PSR-11 compliant **dependency injection container**. According to [Depen...

A guide to witting cleaner code

11 Sep 2021

A Guide To Witting Cleaner Code

If statements often cause a problem in your code in terms of readability and the amount of code you write. In this article, I'm go...

How to install Vue 3 on fresh Laravel installation

11 Sep 2021

How To Install Vue 3 On Fresh Laravel Installation

Installing Vue 3 on a fresh Laravel installation seems to be a bit of a hustle. Laravel ships with laravel mix 5 which seems to ha...

A step by step guide to deploy Laravel on shared hosting (that actually works)

11 Sep 2021

A Step By Step Guide To Deploy Laravel On Shared Hosting (That Actually Works)

To deploy Laravel in your shared hosting you simply need to clone your git repo in your hosting account, set up database, setup .h...

How to increase your website speed by optimizing images

11 Sep 2021

How To Increase Your Website Speed By Optimizing Images

In this post, I'm going to show you how you can optimize your images and hopefully make your site load faster. Make sure you compr...

How to install PHP 8 from source on Debian

11 Sep 2021

How To Install Php 8 From Source On Debian

sudo apt-get install build-essential autoconf re2c bison. This may not be everything we are going to need but if you find an error...

How to learn a framework the right way

11 Sep 2021

How To Learn A Framework The Right Way

I'm going to share with you some tips to learn and understand a framework. This might seem obvious but many people simply dive hea...

How to get real time app crashes from your Laravel app

11 Sep 2021

How To Get Real Time App Crashes From Your Laravel App

Now modify the `via` method to send the notification via Telegram If you now have your bot API key, let's Install the Telegram Not...

Affordable web hosting companies in Zimbabwe

11 Sep 2021

Affordable Web Hosting Companies In Zimbabwe

I’ve looked around and found these web hosting companies offering the best plans. They’re plans are very flexible for more visit [...

How to perfom social login with Laravel Socialite

11 Sep 2021

How To Perfom Social Login With Laravel Socialite

Let's see Socialite in action by implementing login with Twitter. To do this we need a couple of GET routes, one to redirect to Tw...

What is value proposition and why should you care as a business owner

11 Sep 2021

What Is Value Proposition And Why Should You Care As A Business Owner

Your value proposition is a promised outcome of what your customer can attain once they use your product or service. Before we mov...

6 tips to effectively use social media for your business in Zimbabwe

11 Sep 2021

6 Tips To Effectively Use Social Media For Your Business In Zimbabwe

Whether you have a [website]( or your business is completely offline, social media is a great pla...

5 Overlooked Factors That Could Cost Your Architecture Firm In Sales On Your Website (And What You Can Do About It)

11 Sep 2021

5 Overlooked Factors That Could Cost Your Architecture Firm In Sales On Your Website (And What You Can Do About It)

You need to ask your visitors to contact you, that's where the call to action plays an important role, converting those visitors i...




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